Title Name Organization
Chairperson Park, Yong-Jae President, Korea Arts Management Service
  Lim, Youn-Churl President, The National Theater of Korea
  Kim, Young-Soo Executive Director, Hanguk Performing Arts Center
  Lee, Jong-Ho Artistic Director, Seoul International Dance Festival
  Ahn, Ho-Sang CEO, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Committee Yoon, Jeong Gook Chief Executive Officer, Arts Council Korea
Member Min, Gyoung-O Secretary General, Korean Cultural and Arts Centers Association
  Kang, Chang-Il Director, Performing Arts Management Association of Korea
  Jeong, Hyeon-Wook President, Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers
  Song, Jung-Sok Director, Korea Foundation, Culture and Arts Department
  Kim, Yoon-Jin Director, International Development Division, Korea Literature Translation Institute
  Lim, Byung-Dae Director, Performing Arts &Traditional Arts Division,Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Secretary Hwang, Hyun-Dong Performing Arts &Traditional Arts Division, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism