PAMS Link is an off-venue showcase presenting a variety of Korean performing arts productions. At PAMS Link, you will be exposed to a wide range of the newest Korean performances.
A total of 33 pieces will be performed during the 2011 Performing Arts Market in Seoul, including works presented at Korea in Motion, a festival showcasing an eclectic range of performances in theatre, musical theatre, and traditional arts, with a focus on non-verbal performance; the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF), which features some of the most talked-about Korean and international works in theatre, dance, and multidisciplinary performance; SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival), which stages internationally recognized overseas works as well as pieces by up-and-coming Korean choreographers; and the World Festival of National Theaters (WFNT), a showcase for outstanding Korean and foreign works and pieces by national performance companies.
A fixed number of tickets will be offered at a reduced price or for free to PAMS 2011 participants.
  • Period : Sep.26 - Oct.6
  • Log in to the PAMS 2011 homepage with your ID and password
  • Choose the [Showcase Reservation] item on the menu and make your reservation
  • PAMS Link performance reservations are available on a first come, first served basis. In some cases, reservations may not be available. You can confirm whether your registration was approved after the close of the application period. (Approval results will be listed on the [MY PAMS] page, and notification will be given by email.)
  • During PAMS 2011, please register at the reservation desk before 12:00 each day.
  • Reservation desk operation information
Date Time Location
Oct. 10(Mon) & Oct. 14(Fri) 12:00-17:00 In front of the National Theater Company of Korea
Oct. 11(Tue)— Oct. 13(Thu) 09:00-17:00 In front of Main Hall HAE, National Theater of Korea
*Operation times and locations are subject to change.
  • Reservations for performances on October 8-10 can only be made via pre-reservation.
  • Reservations for performances on October 15 can only be made via pre-reservation, or by registering at the reservation desk during PAMS 2011.
  • Please note that promotional tickets and other benefits are limited, vary for each performance, and are only available on a first come, first served basis.
Genre Title Company Date(s) Additional Details
theatre Dreams Theater Group
Oct. 8 - 15
(no show on
The Maids:
The Sound of Silence
theatre group
Oct. 8 - 15 (no show on Monday)
The Underground Dwellers National Theater
Company of Korea
Oct. 11 - 15 Special performance on Monday, Oct. 10 following Welcome Reception
Twelve Singing Animals Latt Children’s Theatre Oct. 13(Thu)  
Dance All the Colors of the Sky
Reflected Water
Sunheon Dance
Oct. 9 WFNT
À Table Seo Company Oct. 12 - 13  
Dance of Wind,
Gokkal Sogochum
Gochang Nongak
Preservation Society
Oct. 10 SIDance
Seoul Dance Platform Seoul Dance Platform Committee Oct. 12 - 14  
Korean Identity through
Dance 16
KANG Mi-ri Hal Dance Company,
Kim Yong Chul SEOP Dance Group,
PARK Soon-ho Dance Project
Oct. 12 SIDance
Swept Away KANG Hye-ryeon Dance Project Oct. 8 SIDance
The Last Wall YJK Dance Project Oct. 15 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
The 5th Seoul Dance Collectio
n and Connection
Hanguk Performing Arts Center Oct. 12, 14 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
Yi Chuljin’s SeungMu Story Korea Dance Center Oct. 11  
Woman on the Street/Unspecific
Gachi Project Group / Ett Oct. 11 - 12 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
music 'Sing Sing Sing' with
JazzPark BigBand
JazzPark BigBand Oct. 11  
The Mirage on Steppe Asia Music Ensemble (A.M.E.) Oct. 15  
The Korean Traditional
Performing Arts ‘PAN’
Samulnori Hanullim Non-Profit
Oct. 8 - 9 Oct. 12 - 15 Korea in Motion
Where Is My Alien Sweetheart? Gomool Oct. 8 - 9  
A Batyr Mamai - A Fantasia
Playing with 'Man & Puppet'
Korean National University
of Arts
Oct. 9 - 10 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
Acts of Resolution KIM Sung Yong & Sunny KIM Oct. 9 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
Comic Soccer Performance
Seol & Company Oct. 8-15
(Except Monday and Wednesday)
Korea in Motion
Sachoom DOBECOM Oct. 8 - 15 Korea in Motion
Echo Musiktheater Oct. 8 - 9 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
Fanta-Stick Fanta-Stick Oct. 8 - 15 Korea in Motion
Jung Ga Musical: Endless
Love of Lee Sang and Choi Ryang
National Gugak Center Oct. 11 - 12 Korea in Motion
Jump Yegam Inc. Oct. 12 - 13 Korea in Motion
Karma The Patron Company Oct. 9 - 15 Korea in Motion
Sand Station Theater Company Mucheon Oct. 8 WFNT
Synecdoche, Nora / Pray I Go / Dada's Beam Oct. 15 Seoul Performing Arts Festival
Bibap Persona Oct. 8 - 15 Korea in Motion
Doubled Cities in Exhibition
Marebito Theater Company Oct. 14 - 15 Seoul
Performing Arts
musical Marionette Hanwha Hotel & Resort Oct. 11 - 14 Korea in Motion
Musical Winter Sonata Yoon's Color Oct. 8 - 15 (no show on Monday) Korea in Motion