Date: Oct. 11~15 / days
Venue: The National Theatre of Korea, National Company of Korea
Number of Participants : More than 1,576 delegates around the world, 1,381 domestic delegates and 195 overseas delegates from 56 different countries
A Number of PAMS Choice Selections : 13
  Genre Artist / Company Title
1 Theatre Theatre Company TuuL A Dwarf Who Loved Snow White
2 Yohangza Theatre Company Peer Gynt
3 Dance Modern Table - Kim Jae Duk Project Darkness PoomBa
4 LG Arts Center A Seventh Man
5 Park Soon-ho Dance Project Pattern & Variable
6 EDx2 Dance Company Modern Feeling
7 Music Geomungo-Factory Metamorphosis of Geomungo-Factory
8 ChungBae Traditional Performing Arts Troupe Non-verbal performance OnE
9 Miyeon&Park Dreams from the Ancestor
10 Tori ensemble Tori, Sori, Nori (Playing with Sound of Tori)
11 Multi-
Geumhyung JEONG Oil Pressure Vibrator
12 Doosan Art Center Cheonbyeon Salon(Riverside Salon)
13 Tacit Group Tacit Perform[0]
Date: Oct.12~16/4days
Venue: National Theatre of Korea
Number of Participants: More than 1,505 delegates around the world, 1.359 domestic delegates
and 146 overseas delegates from 44 different countries
A Number of PAMS Choice Selections: 15
  Genre Artist / Company Title
1 Theatre Golmokgil Theatre Kyungsook, Kyungsook's Father
2 When His Watch Stopped Sadari Theatre Company
3 Theatre DONG Therese Raquin
4 Pansori Project 'ZA' Pansori Brecht'Sacheon-ga'
5 Dance Dance Theatre ON Deja vu
6 Dance Theatre CcadoO Full Moon
7 yjkdance project Beckett's room
8 Ahn Aesoon Dance Company The 11th Shadow
9 Sungsoo Ahn Pick-up Group Rose
10 Hayongbu Dance Company Chum Pan
11 Music Baramgot Baramgot's Concert
12 Bulsechul The city of Wind Flow
13 Be-Being Li And Sa
14 Multi-
Kim Yoon JIN Dance Company Reading the Shoes
15 Geumhyung Jeong 7ways
Date: Oct.7~10/4days
Venue: Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Myeong Dong Art Center, KT Art Hall
Number of Participants: More than 1,840 delegates around the world. 1,696 domestic delegates and 144 overseas delegates from 42 different countries
A Number of PAMS Choice Selections: 16
  Genre Artist / Company Title
1 Theatre Sadari Movement Laboratory Between the Two Gates
2 Cho-in Theatre Company Hotel Splendid
3 Performance Group TUIDA Hotel Splendid
4 Yeonwoo Theatre Company Hotel Splendid
5 Dance Dance Theatre ON HORN
6 Lee K, Dance HORN
7 WonKim/Group Collaboration OR Being Involved
8 Ahn Aesoon Dance Company The White Noise
9 Kim Eun Hee Dance Company Burying Together
10 Music Kim ju-hong & Noreummachi Soul Trap
11 JNH Jeon Jeduk's Soul Of Harmonica
12 EASTERNOX New legend Koran Rhythms
13 Multi-
SORO Perfomance Unit Le Deux
14 Seven Sense Break Out
15 Seven Sense PercussionMusical
16 Nottle Theatre Company Buddha My Body
Date: Oct.9~14/6days
Venue: Korea Foundation Culture Center(Gallery Areum, Gallery Nuri), Arko Arts Theatre(Grand Theatre, Little Drama Stage), Sadari Art Center(Donggeurami Theatre) National Museum of Korea
Number of Participants: More than 1,820 delegates around the world. 1,691 domestic delegates and 130 overseas delegates from 36 different countries
A Number of PAMS Choice Selections: 18
  Genre Artist / Company Title
1 Theatre Multidisciplinary Arts The Patron Company
2 Street Theatre Troupe Sanneomo Gaettonga
3 Hanang Art Company An undertaker, Mr, Yu
4 The Wuturi Players An undertaker, Mr, Yu
5 Dance Kim Young Hee Mutdance There
6 Dance Theatre Ccadoo Memory In a Puzzle
7 Park Na Hoon Dance About Three
8 NOW Dance Company Internal & External
9 UBIN Dance Summer
10 Dance Theatre CHANG Story of B
11 Festive Land PAN GUT
12 Kim Pan Sun Stuck in the skin
13 Music Academy of Korean Music YESANJOK
14 Vinalong(Auracorea) Two Worlds
15 Gong Myung Play With Us!
16 Multi-
INHYUNGIN Migrant Overtures
17 Dulsori Korea Binari
18 The Patron Company "KARMA": Yin-Yang's second edition
Date: Oct.11~14/4days
Venue: Arko Arts Theatre, SSTheatre, LIG Arts Hall, HOAM Art Hall and Maronnier Park
Number of Participants: More than 1,696 delegates around the world. 1,585 domestic delegates and 111 overseas delegates from 29 different countries
A Number of PAMS Choice Selections: 29
  Genre Artist / Company Title
1 Theatre Peroormance Group TUIDA The Tale of Haruk
2 Sadari Movement Lavoratory Woyzeck
3 Yohangza Theatre Company Karma
4 Street Theatre Troupe Beautiful Soul mate
5 Theatre Moollee Lady macbeth
6 Baeksukwangbu Green Bench
7 BST Company Gamoonjang
8 Nottle Theatre Company The Return
9 Creative Group Noni Kok Du
10 Dance Dance Company The Body Waing Room2
11 A-soon Dance Company Circle-After the other
12 Hong Dance Company Hybrid
13 Dance Theatre ON Ah Q
14 Lee K, Dance The Two Between
15 UBIN Dance Trace
16 Trust Dance Company Born Again
17 Won Kim/Group Collaboration OR Shadows
18 Kim Yoon Jin Dance Company The Old Song Book
19 Lee Kyung-Ok Dance Company Janghwa hongryun
20 Plastic Zoo Project Cube
21 Sungsoo Ahn Pick-up Group Lost children
22 Music Korea Festival Ensemble Spirit of the 20th Century
23 The Forest Echo
24 Korean World Music Group O-Gam -Do The beginning of the Passion
25 Kang Eun2 Heaum Plus Remebrance of Future
26 Multi-
Corporal Theatre Momggol Handcart Remebrance of Future
27 Corporal Theatre Momggol Handcart Clay Play for Children
28 Noridan Wit & Beat
29 Sungmin Hong Total Theatre Alice
Date: Oct.6~8/3days
Venue: The national Theatre of Korea(NTOK)
Number of Participants: More than 1,452 delegates around the world. 1,358 domestic delegates and 94 overseas delegates from 22 different countries
A Number of PAMS Choice Selections: 13
  Genre Artist / Company Title
1 Theatre Yohangza Theatre Company A midsummer Night's Dream
2 Theatre Company Wuturi Come on, MUTU!
3 Theatre Company Wuturi HAMLET
5 GANDA Mirror Princess Pyunggang Story
6 Dance Kim Eun Hee Dance Company Never land-San Hae Kyung
7 Nam Jeongho & Knua Choreography Troop Palle(Womanhood story)
8 Music New Asia String Quartet 20th Century Boys
9 GongMyoung Gong Myoung concert
10 The Society for new Composition
in Korean traditional Music
Gong Myoung concert
11 KoreanMusicalGroup TAROO Dear My Lovely Friend
12 Multi-
Corpoal Theatre Momggol Orpheus
13 Visual theatre company, The flower The Petal-Breaking Face