PAMS is cooperating with overseas markets to introduce works from other countries through an International Showcase format. This year's event is scheduled to feature works from Japan and Australia as part of its Asia Focus.
* Supported by The Japan Foundation, Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama and Australia Council for the Arts
We Built This City is an interactive play space which celebrates absolute simplicity and the power of children’s imaginations. A giant public construction site, We Built This City uses thousands and thousands of cardboard boxes and the energy and ingenuity of kids and families to build a magnificent imagined city. Buildings go up, are pulled down, redesigned, extended, walked through and reconstructed; the participants make tunnels, archways, towers and labyrinths.
Australia’s Polyglot Theatre is an internationally renowned creator of interactive and experiential theatre for children aged under 12 and their families. For over 30 years, Polyglot has been recognised one of Australia’s leading children’s arts companies, and in recent years the company has been in demand internationally, playing to over 100 000 children annually on four continents.

Oct. 12(Wed), 13(Thu) | 14:00-16:00 | Cultural Plaza, NTOK
Photo ⓒ Wendy Kimpton
Hikikomori as a Japanese term means reclusive people withdrawn from the society. It begins with considering and seeking a way to have two hikikomories out of their places. Can Tomio, who once used to be a counselor and promising wrestler, step out of his house finally? And for Hikikomoti, what does it mean to 'go out'? 'Hikky Cancun tornado' is the first work of hi-bye, a theatre group. Its story is based on the experience of Hideto Iwai, a writer, actor, and producer, as Hikikomori in his boyhood. Also, it is one existing side of our modern society.

Oct. 13(Thu) | 18:00 - 19:10 | Studio BYEOL, NTOK
Photo ⓒ Wakana Hikino